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The Family Session

Your family is the backbone of your life.  Celebrate it!  The goal of family sessions is to capture the unique dynamics of your and your loved ones. This includes parents, grandparents, children and of course, pets.  The session fee holds your preferred session date and includes a $150 credit to use on any prints, wall art, or products.   Products, including luxury photo albums, memory books, gift prints and digital files are also available a la carte.  There is no minimum to purchase but the average spend is between $500 and $1800, with many clients selecting something for their wall and also an album,  You can spend as little as the $300 creation fee and still have a gorgeous images to enjoy.  Photos by Becky limits the  number of family sessions a month to ensure the highest quality attention to your family.

Watch me Grow!

Baby memories are the best!  Capture your new fur (or human) baby as he grows into his paws.  Celebrate four milestones ending with a birthday celebration cake smash.  Session ideas include themed portraits, indoor and outdoor shoots and family portraits with the little one's new family. 

The Puppy Plan includes four photo sessions over your puppy or kitten’s first months of life so that you can see how much he or she grows. Ideally, the first session is between 8-12 weeks, the second one at about 6 months, another at about 9 months and the final one at about one year. 

Birthday Cake Smash

Cake smash Is it your fur baby's birthday?  Each year is a major milestone for our pets.  This 30 minute session includes adorable photos with a birthday party theme and a cake smash!  We will photograph your pup clean (pre cake) with a birthday themed background.  Then--it's Chow Time!  Photos of pups eating cake is always fun!  You provide the cake as many pets are picky or have food-intolerance or allergies.  Make it yourself or ask for pet bakery suggestions.  This is fun for the whole family.  

New Adoptions

Our pets are family. They always greet us at the door like we are the best thing in the world.  To them, we are.  As a supporter of pet adoptions, Photos by Becky wants to thank you for changing the life of one animal. Please accept our generous offer of a complimentary session with your new fur baby and his family.  

This is a full session that may include the whole immediate family.  Typically in the studio, everyone will be able to relax in a stress-free and distration-free environment.  I'll gift you with digital images on Facebook.

Elegant Paper
"Becky is a superb photographer of both pets and pet parents. We recommend her for taking photos of your precious family members both two- and four-legged. She also generously donates her professional photography services to Renegade Paws Rescue to photograph adoptable dogs and cats for their very important profiles."
~  Murem Sharpe

So you have your photos done... now what?

Your photos are meant to be enjoyed, not end up in a box high up in a closet somewhere or deep within the online cloud never to be seen again!


Once you get your final gallery delivered, revisit the plan we made during the consultation for displaying your new artwork in your home or office. If you want to browse through the catalog PDF, click here.

Wall decor


Have more questions that aren't answered here? Reach out and I'll be happy to assist you!

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