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Your pets are your family. Don't wait until it’s too late.

We will help you keep your family

Together Furever.

Above all else, Becky is a storyteller. It takes true talent to tell a story using images rather than words. To do so, you must capture emotion, love, and beauty in every photograph. It means candid moments between you and your furry, four-legged family members.  As a professional pet photographer, each of Becky's  photographs is a snapshot of a moment in time that showcases the connection and bond you have with your pet.

You ready?


The Roadmap

Step 1: Making a Plan

We are always delighted to meet clients for the first time! During our initial design consultation, we will get to know each other and I get to meet your fur baby.  We will discuss photo shoot ideas, locations and what goals you’d like to accomplish during our time together. We are happy to meet in the Savannah area, have you over to our studio or somewhere in-between. We’ll show you examples of previous photo shoots, our beautiful, archival-quality print products and discuss how to best display your artwork for your lifestyle.

Step 2: Taking the Photos

During our photo session together, you can expect a fun, professional experience with us. With years of experience we understand it may take some extra time and loads of patience to get a perfect shot. We’ll bring toys and treats (consulting you beforehand on any special dietary needs your pet may have) and work with you and your family in a relaxed, natural way. Our goal is to capture the essence of who you are - and who your family is - and like to allow the kids and animals to set the pace of the shoot. If we meet in a public place, like Forsyth Park, I expect your pup to be on a leash for the whole session.  Don’t worry—there’s photoshop for that!

Step 3: Previewing the Photos

At the end of all our hard work and planning comes the best part: seeing your beautiful images! About a week or so after the shoot, we get together in the studio for your preview session.  I’ll help guide you in selecting your favorite images and deciding how they will be displayed.  Wall art? Memory book?  This is the time when your order is placed so bring all the decision makers. Payments are due at the time of ordering. Don’t worry—interest free payment plans are available so go wild!

Step 4: And Then....

Yay—your images are ready!  As soon as they have been inspected for quality and accuracy, you can start enjoying your pups perfection from your own home.


Ready to start planning your next session!

—New Adoption (shelter or breeder)

—Watch Me Grow

—Annual holiday portraits

—Seasonal themed specials

—Forever in my Heart

Not sure WHERE to take your photos?  If you prefer outdoors, download our location guide for ideas!

Elegant Paper
"Her passion and talent come across in her editing and finishing too! She gets the best shots back to exceptionally quickly and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience."
Nancy Hait


Have more questions that aren't answered here? Reach out and I'll be happy to assist you!

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