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young girl on blanket curled up with italian greyhound_Photos by Becky _ Savannah Hilton H

seeing the images on screen and then watching them become real artwork for your home.

Digital files are great for social & your phone's wallpaper, nothing makes you smile quite like walking past your favorite furry face on the wall.  Nothing makes memories more real than holding an album in your hands and turning the pages on all your gorgeous images.  

The canine clients say all the treats at the session are their favorite part of the experience. The dogs' humans know that having someone walk you through all the choices and delivering finished, ready to display artwork is why they choose to work with me.

It's more than just a photo

It's moments in time that capture your story, bond, and love

Your pet is one of a kind.  Whether your furry best friend is silly and a total goofball or reserved and low-key, always ready for the belly rub, I’ll make sure to capture their personality as YOU know and love them.  The flow and length of each Photos by Becky pet portrait session is dictated by how your pet reacts. You'll know when they are "done."

My priority is capturing lots of great images while keeping your pet safe, comfortable, and happy.  This is dog photography designed for you.  

The best part of my job (besides playing with all the pets) is seeing YOUR face when you see your baby's images for the first time.

 There is something really magical about

corgi spitz mix and photographer_smiling happy dog_human kissing dog on head_ Photos by Be

There's no such thing as "just a dog"

I’m Becky and this is Cornbread, my heart dog. I was lucky enough to have someone take some photos of me with my boy. It breaks my heart that so many people don’t have photos of and with their pets.  That’s why I always recommend being in at least some of the photos we take. I’ve had over 17 years of experience as a photographer, from my time working at a camera store, to taking photos of friends and family and raising thousands of dollars for animal charities around the Coastal Empire and Low Country.  

If you’ve ever thought of getting photos of you and your fur baby, now is the time!  Don't wait until it's too late.  I’d love to work with you and create gorgeous artwork to decorate your home with joy.



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cat sitting inside on scratching post_Photos by Becky _ Savannah Hilton Head pet animal do

Am I the right photographer for you? Here's how ya know:

  • You're looking to capture the genuine, raw moments - not perfection

  • You love taking adventures with your pets

  • You're okay with us loving on your pets & making them smile

  • You like the idea of showing off your pet through artwork

  • You love images where your pet is the hero

young girl laying on the ground with dachshund on chest_ Photos by Becky _ Savannah Hilton
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