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Savannah's Premier Pet Photographer

Welcome to a unique experience in customized pet photography.

You’ve found our website!  Yay!   You're probably looking for a portrait of your child--with two or four feet. Photos by Becky specializes in pet photography. We have the skills and experience to create fantastic images of any pet. Becky has over 17 years of photography experience with an array of tricks and techniques for getting even the most rambunctious dogs to cooperate and the patience to wait for and capture that perfect heartwarming moment.

Make no bones about it, your pet is family. Period.  Whether you have a cat who’s queen of her castle or a playful puppy who’s always up to something, Photos by Becky will capture their unique personality for you.  These are the memories you'll always treasure.

smiling girl wearing hot pink sweater hugging smiling blonde dog with big ears; Photos by Becky; Savannah GA

Hi. I'm Becky!

Capturer of genuine pet moments & adventures

I’m a Savannah local and a Coastal Empire and Low Country based professional pet photographer, crazy dog lady, animal rescuer volunteer and coffee addict.

Our animals teach us so much about the simple pleasures in life about living in the moment. Their vibrant personalities are a constant reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.  It’s rewarding to know we have made a difference in their lives and in return, gain their trust and unconditional love. 

"Dogs' lives are too short. 
It's their only fault really."   

                                                         - Agnes Sligh Turnbull
Elegant Paper
"Becky is truly a fantastic photographer and loves fur babies.  She's passionate, patient, and truly determined to get those perfect shots.  We did a studio session and while the pictures were great, she knew it could be better and suggested we do an outdoor shoot.  She was up for the challenge to shoot in the marsh and staged everything very well. She was hurling tennis balls at and over him to capture  "in motion" shots and climbed in and out of spiked bushes and lying on the muddy marsh ground to get the right shading/lighting for my Pele"
~  Shelly Bass

I'd love to capture your pet's story.

Because those memories are worth a lifetime.

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