How to plan the purrrfect session


How should I prepare for the shoot?

Groom your pet and groom yourself too!  Pet grooming can be a full salon visit or just a good ol’ brush down at home.  It’s a good idea for you to wear makeup (men and women) and solid color clothes that don’t identically match your pet’s fur color.

A great way to capture your pet’s attention is to bring them in tired and hungry.  Before mealtime and after a long walk is ideal.  That way, a hungry, tired dog will pay attention to just about anyone with a treat. 

But I don’t want to be in the picture!

That’s a-okay!  This can be a true dog’s day to shine.  But it’s always a good idea to be ready in case of a last minute change of heart.

What should I bring?

Come armed with your pet’s favorite toys and treats.  We have our own toy chest and cookie jar but there’s nothing like homemade goodies.  

Do you use props or clothes?

We have a great selection of props and different backgrounds.  We encourage clothes but limit each session to 5 outfit changes.  You need to provide clothing that fits your pet best.  Then your pup can strut his or her stuff on our catwalk-ing backdrop! 

My dog will never sit still.  He misbehaves so badly! 

If a dog sat still, he’d be a statue.  That’s the fun in pet photography--getting the active animals in a comfortable environment where they can relax and let it all hang out.  I work with treats and often spend a few minutes with the animals letting them know how they can get the beloved treat.  The dog moves fast.  The camera moves faster.

The cats don’t travel well. 

Not a problem.  I can always come to you!  The photos at your house will be more casual but often with pets what don’t travel well, it eases their anxiety and its less stress for everyone. 

How does the whole “shoot” happen?

First is the phone consultation.  We’ll explain step by step what will happen during your shoot and get you prepared so there will be no surprises. 

The second part is the shoot.  The shoot will last anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours.  There is a drastic time difference based on several factors.  Clothing changes take longer as do anxious pets.  I will not force an anxious pet to work with me until (s)he’s calmed down.  Part of the session is getting the pet to feel comfortable around me and work off nervous energy.  That takes different amounts of time, depending on the animal.

The third part is always the most fun for you:  The Preview session!  On the shoot day, we will schedule your appointment to view the proofs in the studio.  Please bring all your decision makers with you that day.  You can purchase from our wide array of products and frames and it wont be long till your pooch’s pictures are everywhere in your home!  In case you get carried away, we DO have payment plans.